Vistor Information FAQs
How do I get to Sunrise?
Sunrise is located at:
150 S 356th St
Federal Way, WA

Via Highway 99 (Pacific Hwy):
  • Turn west on S 356th Street.
  • Go down the hill and half way up.
  • The church is the third entrance on the right.

Via First Ave S:
  • Turn east on S 356th Street.
  • Go about two city blocks down the hill and turn left into the parking lot entrance.
  • Note the painted traffic island ends just after the parking lot entrance.

By bus:
  • Take the 182.
  • When riding towards the Federal Way Transit Center, get off at the bus stop on First Ave S and S 356th.
  • When riding towards NE Tacoma, get off at the bus stop on 356th and First Ave S (about a 20 minute ride from the transit center).
  • Walk east on S 356th for about two city blocks.
  • We are located on the left side of the street.
What are your service times?
We have one service. We start with praise songs at 9:53 and our formal worship begins at 10:00 AM and usually ends 11:15 to 11:30.
How should I dress?
Come as you would like. Many of our older members still dress up some, but the under-50 crowd usually wears jeans and a nice shirt. Children usually wear jeans and a t-shirt.
Will I know what to do when I get there?
When you arrive by car, feel free to park in one of the visitor parking spots. However, this is not required.

Enter the main double door entrance of the building located on the west side of the building. You will be met by greeters at the door. Turn right towards the sanctuary and receive a bulletin from our ushers. We have large print bulletins available.

If you have any questions about what to do, you can ask the ushers, greeters or those sitting around you for help. Anyone in the congregation will be happy to help you.
Is there a nursery?
Yes. When you first come through the main entrance, turn left and go a few feet down the hallway. The nursery is the third door down on the left. There is a sign over the nursery's door, too. Our nursery attendant is Julie Salazar
What happens in the service?
Before formal worship starts we sing several praise songs starting at 9:53. Formal worship starts at 10:00 with a call to worship and then another song while the candles at the front of the church are lit. The children are then called forward to have the children's sermon. Afterwards the children go to Sunday school and you pick them up after service.

At this time we have a prayer of confession. This is a short time to silently reflect on those things we could have done or done differently in the last week. Then we "share the peace". This is short time period in which we greet each other using the words, "Peace be with you". Everyone is rather friendly in our church. Not only will the people around you greet you but many others will also. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with this tradition of the church and understand if you are more reserved.

Once everyone is seated again, we hear readings from the Bible and the pastor gives her sermon. Then we share our prayers of concern and praise for our loved ones and the community. Afterwards, we give our offerings. If it is the first Sunday of the month, Easter or Christmas, we will have communion. During this time the children will come back to service for communion. We sing another song while the candles are extinguished and a final blessing is given to us for the week. At the end we make a circle the worship area and sing our final congregation song, Let Your Light Shine.
Do my children have to go to Sunday school?
No. Your children are welcome to stay with you in service. They are also not required to come up front for the children's sermon.

Can I take communion or Eucharist?
All Christians are welcome at our table.
Can I have communion at my seat?
We do serve communion to those who are unable to come forward during the service. Please let an usher or greeter know when you come in. Communion is served the first Sunday of the month, Easter and Christmas.
How is communion served?
Communion is served as loaf of bread and a single cup of grape juice. A piece of bread from the loaf is given to you to dip it into the grape juice before eating it. As United Methodists, we serve grape juice instead of wine so that recovering alcoholics may join us.
Will I be asked to make an offering?
We do not pressure guests or members to make an offering. Visitors are encouraged to be our guests and find out who we are before making any financial gifts.
What kind of music do you have?
Our music is a mixture of contemporary music and hymns. We also often have special music in service provided by one or more of our members.
Do you raise your hands during worship services?
A few people do raise their hands during music that moves them. We don't frown upon it at all if you are moved to do so.
As a guest will I be singled out during the service?
We understand that as a guest, you don't want to stick out or be singled out. We will honestly admit that there are some older members in our church, who after meeting you during our greeting time, will want to introduce you during prayer time. If you would like to avoid this, we recommend you sit in one of the back rows against the wall.

However, our congregation is very friendly. You will likely be greeted by several members before service, during greeting time and afterwards.
How open are you to different cultures and lifestyles?
Sunrise is an inclusive church where persons of all races, ages, abilities and sexual orientations are welcome to participate fully in our congregation. You will see this reflected in our congregation.
What facilities are available for handicapped?
Our facility is generally handicap friendly. While we do have a second floor, most of our activities take place on the ground floor. For those needing easier entry to the building we have handicap parking spots directly in front of the main entrance. The sidewalk is completely flat into the building and there are no steps into the building. Each bathroom is equipped with a handicap stall.

Additionally we have a wheelchair available for anyone needing extra help into the building. While we provide large print bulletins, we also project the service's songs, prayers and responses on a large screen at the front of the sanctuary.
How can I meet people at Sunrise?
It's not hard to meet people at Sunrise. Most people are outgoing and friendly. Take advantage of the after-worship snacks or coffee and hang out in the foyer or go to the Sunday school classroom down the hall to talk with others.

To make deeper friendships we recommend quickly getting involved in the various small groups settings offered for Bible study, fellowship and service to others.
Can I participate in other activities without becoming a member?
Of course! We prefer you take time to get to know us so you know we are the best fit for you. And, taking part in other church activities is the best way to do that.
What if I have other questions? Who can I talk to?
If you are at church, you may ask any member wearing a name badge, one of our greeters or ushers, or Pastor Jo Dene. If you are home, please call us at (253) 815-6925 or email us at

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